Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Identity" - Student Impact 5/4/2011

I’m going to start tonight by stealing an example from Pastor Stu over at Water’s Edge Church. I was recently watching their Easter Service (It was held in the Hampton Convention Center and it was pretty crazy. They had people doing trampoline acrobatics on stage during worship!) and Pastor Stu began by describing an article he had recently read, which announced the arrival of a new kind of junk food. Now I love junk food, despite how skinny I am! I like mint chocolate chip ice cream, soda, and especially potato chips. Especially, especially “Doritos.” So I thought I too would check it out. The article contained a link to the website, and this is what you see:

One of the top guys from “Doritos” was hired to run a “Baby Carrot” company. He came in and decided he wanted to revolutionize the way you thought about baby carrots. And so they’ve given the baby carrots a new slogan: “Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food.” A rock song plays when you get on the website with some guy shouting “Baby carrots, extreme!!!” You can download it, I think. There’s even a commercial you can watch where a model seductively chews on some baby carrots. And lastly they repackaged them; the bag in the middle looks like “Cheetos” and the bag on the right looks like some of those fancy organic snacks.