Friday, July 15, 2016

2016 Movie Reviews: March & April

Unscripted Movie Reviews

Here we go! By popular request, I'm back on the blog and reviewing movies! My movie-watching was a bit slow to start the year - I was in PhD school after all - but picked up once I got home and had free time and free movies once again.

Previous 2016 Reviews:

Unscripted Ratings:
4/4 - Buy a ticket, poster, & DVD.
3.5/4 - Buy a ticket.
3/4 - Buy a matinee ticket.
2/4 - Wait to stream/rent it.
1/4 - Consider as last resort.
0/4 - Avoid at all costs.

With that, here's Part 2 of the 2016 Movie Review catch-up - enjoy!!