Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Foals in First

Unscripted NFL Power Rankings
2013 Week 9

Nipping at #10's heels: The Cowboys & Chargers

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kansas City Shuffle

Unscripted NFL Power Rankings
2013 Week 8

A more interesting week than last week has shifted the Power Rankings up a bit more. The Chargers and the Lions are seriously so close to being #10, but I'm a sucker for rooting against mainstream opinion. In this case that's how everyone hates on Tony Romo, so I'm giving #10 to the Cowboys, who you could argue have earned it with some really competitive play the past few weeks. I'm still not a believer in the Bengals, but they're winning, so they've been bumped up, while the Patriots, who I still think can get it together in time to compete for the Superbowl, have fallen after an unnecessary loss to the Jets. So how have all the Top Ten teams landed? Let's get to it; hike!

A Slight Shuffle

Unscripted NFL Power Rankings
2013 Week 7

When most of the teams in the Top 10 beat mediocre teams, it's hard to really justify shifting things around too much. But the Saints' loss to the Patriots has moved them down some and I'm somewhat ignoring the Colts' loss to the Chargers for now, because I think San Diego has a pretty good team and also I'm thinking the Colts just had a bad day and are much better than they looked on Monday night.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 Summer Movie Reviews - August

Hey everyone. It's good to get back to doing some movie reviews, even if they are coming a bit late. You can tell I've been busy; I've only seen 8 new movies since moving up to grad school at the beginning of August. But I'm glad to get back to doing one of the things I like best: Talking about movies! I saw 3 in August, so let's get to it! Here are reviews of We're the Millers, The Butler, and Kick-Ass 2!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The More Things Change

Unscripted NFL Power Rankings
2013 Week 6

The more they stay the same. Seriously. I was thinking about it and realized that throughout the tumults of this current season, stretching all the way back to before preseason, before the draft, and before free-agency, it still has really been the same few teams in the Top 10. The Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks, and Packers have been in every Top 10 (9/9), The Colts and 49ers have been in 8/9, the Texans and Falcons have been in 6/9, and the Ravens, Bengals, and Saints have been in 5/9. There has been some movement of course, but of those teams I just mentioned, 8 of them are in this week's Top 10. What will be interesting to look at is what the last few Top 10 lists of the season will look like; if its these same teams, or if teams like the Chiefs or Bengals can become more regular cast members. But let's see what we've got this week... Hike!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Now Settle Down

Unscripted NFL Power Rankings
2013 Week 5

Last week we all went a little crazy. This week we're cooling down and sobering up, creating what I think is a pretty balanced Top 10. I'm still higher on the Packers than everyone else it seems (and I dropped them 4 spots!), but I think they'll come out of the bye week ready to take the fight to the upstart Lions. I wasn't as high on the Dolphins as everyone else, so they didn't drop far after their loss. The 49ers are back, gone last week more as a result of my purposeful overreaction. I'm thrilled to up the underdog-ish, playoff-bound Chiefs (I called it way back in February, just to be on the record), though I don't think their turnover differential will stay as high as it is, so I doubt a Top 5 push from them. The Bears are falling, but not as much as so many others downgraded them; they only lost one game people, chill. And then there's the Top 5, which you can read about below. So get to it. Hike!