Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013 Summer Movie Reviews - June

Hey guys! I hope everyone's cool with continuing the monthly blogposts. Although I've realized while I may have less time to write during the summer (for example, I spent this past weekend attending one wedding and DJing/MCing another!), it's also likely you all are busy with summer activities too and have less time to read. So really, we're all saving time!

I also hope I can keep doing blogposts once I get to grad school next month, but who knows how that will go and how much free time I will have, especially since I'll be a graduate assistant in addition to being a student. But for now I do still have some free time, so here are my reviews of the June 2013 movies: The Purge, The Internship, This is the End, Man of Steel, Monsters University, World War Z, The Heat, and White House Down.