Monday, January 31, 2011

Unite with Other Believers (2011 DNow at SRBC)

* Disclaimer: While I must admit that I got choked up a number of times during this message (I couldn't talk and my eyes were really watery), no tears actually fell. Therefore, I maintain that I did not actually cry...

This D-Now weekend we have been going through the acronym of FOCUS. Friday night Pastor Jeff talked about the “F” and the “O,” Fixing our eyes on Jesus and Offering our lives up to Him. This morning, Jeff talked about the “C,” Communicating with Him; praying and reading our Bibles. Well, Jeff had to go home to be with his family and lead Sunday School at our church tomorrow morning so tonight I will be talking about the “U,” Uniting with other believers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

"What Will You Do?" & "Look Up"

"What Will You Do?"

Postmortem. Postpartum
Your life has just started
Cause when you got saved
Your old life departed
You’re no longer a slave
You’re no longer depraved
You’re no longer deprived
Your name's been engraved

In God’s Book of Life
Yeah you’ve been revived
That’s why we say born again
You have survived and arrived
At the place of “Amens”
Where there’s no longer sin
God has brought you from the desert
Right back to Him