Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Dry and cracked
Just can’t go on
Stiff like a statue
Move towards dawn
Make like a vacuum
Suck it up brother
No time to argue
Journey from souther
Focus your will
Can’t be another
Only you can refill
Make yourself new
Start moving uphill
Recall how you flew
You cannot be done
You cannot be through
Together we’ll run
Together intact
A race to be won
We’re back on track
We’re going, gone


Sitting, sitting, sitting
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Dying, dying, dying
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming
Floating, floating
Flying, flying
Soaring, soaring
Through the clouds

Summer Night Porch

All I want is to have a front porch
Sitting on the porch
In a rocking chair
With a glass of lemonade
No, scratch that
Sweet tea
From a pitcher sitting on a table by the chair
Watching the traffic go by
Reading the newspaper
Or my iPad
Talking to a wife
A couple kids, a couple grandkids
Oh! Make it a wrap around porch
Imagine the peace on a porch
Crickets and lightening bugs
Music from an indie band I discovered before you
That’s good enough to say again
A black dog at my feet
In my rocking chair
On my front porch
Can't ask for more

The Chair Sits

The chair never moves
It sits
Wooden in every way
In the sun
In the rain
Used, unused
Every day it sits on the deck
Never any more or any less than it was meant to be
The chair sits
In blissful peace


Do I have to make sense
But not to create, not to write
What good is sense
What good is logic
Patterns always end the same
No surprises
That’s no good
Crazy, Stupid, Bizarre, Awkward
That’s good enough for me
So that’s what I write
Caterpillar stuck to a grape popsicle

Pointed Ball

A pointed ball
It’s like nothing else
It’s a maze, a mystery, a puzzle
But not really
Challenging, Invigorating
That’s more like it
Simple like me
Complex like me
I’m a pointed ball
I’m like nothing else
I’m a maze, a mystery, a puzzle
But not really
Challenging, Invigorating
That’s me
Or maybe
It's just that pointed ball

what to do

nothing to do
absolutely nothing to do
what to do
eat no
push ups no
tv no
no no no
clean the room no
what then
create what
something powerful
something beautiful
something gripping
but what
who knows
no stories to tell
no unique opinions
nothing to say
just the desire
to be heard
but nothing to say
what to do

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Almost Here!!!

Unscripted NFL Power Rankings
2013 Preseason

Football is almost here!!! In just a few weeks the regular season will be starting, but preseason can be exciting too! No the games don't count and star players don't get much playing time. But, it is an important step in settling roster competitions and testing how evolving and revamps offenses and defenses are really coming together. You can learn a lot watching the preseason, about individuals (especially all those drafted rookies), rosters, coaches, and the team as a whole. So it will be interesting to see how these preseason rankings will change in my Week 1 Power Rankings in a few weeks. But that's getting too far ahead, let's focus on the present: Hike!

2013 Summer Movie Trailers - August

August 2nd

2 Guns

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 Summer Movie Reviews - July

Hey everyone! Hope your summer is going well. Mine's been pretty crazy this past month. I've worked my last day at the movie theater (so we'll see how that affects how many movies I see!), I've been on vacation, rode in a helicopter, and moved up to grad school! Crazy stuff. But I still managed to see some movies! So here are my reviews of the July 2013 movies: Despicable Me 2, Kevin Hart Let Me Explain, The Lone Ranger, The Way Way Back, Sharknado, Grown Ups 2, Pacific Rim, The Conjuring, Fruitvale Station, The To Do List, & The Wolverine!