Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Season Predictions

Unscripted NFL Predictions 2017

Get your Asian Zing and Honey BBQ sauces ready Buffalo Wild Wings, because football's back and I'm hungry! While my traditional Sunday meal is a near certainty each week, how the NFL season will unfold is a lot more of a guessing game. But that's not going to stop me from pretending I know enough to predict the champs we'll see come SuperBowl 52!!

(In addition to my Season/SuperBowl Predictions, you can also view my 2017 Offseason Power Rankings here.)

AFC Division Champs

New England Patriots (1st seed) -- Pittsburgh Steelers (2nd seed)
Kansas City Chiefs (3rd seed) -- Houston Texans (4th seed)
Wild Cards: Oakland Raiders (5th seed) -- Tennessee Titans (6th seed)

NFC Division Champs

Green Bay Packers (1st seed) -- Seattle Seahawks (2nd seed)
New York Giants (3rd seed) -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4th seed)
Wild Cards: Atlanta Falcons (5th seed) -- Philadelphia Eagles (6th seed)

Wild Card Round:
Raiders defeat Texans -- Titans defeat Chiefs
Falcons defeat Buccaneers -- Giants defeat Eagles
Bye week: Patriots, Steelers, Packers, Seahawks

Divisional Round
Patriots defeat Titans -- Steelers defeat Raiders
Packers defeat Falcons -- Giants defeat Seahawks

AFC Championship

Patriots defeat Steelers

NFC Championship
Packers defeat Giants

SuperBowl 52

Patriots defeat Packers

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