Monday, February 13, 2017

2017 Post-SuperBowl Power Rankings

Unscripted NFL Power Rankings
2017 Post-SuperBowl

Previous Power Rankings:

Post-SuperBowl Note: These rankings are based on an evaluation of teams based on where they are right now, in light of the playoffs and SuperBowl 51, and not a projection of where they may be when the 2017 season officially starts in 6 months (for example, Raiders QB Derek Carr will be fully healed from his leg injury by then, likely catapulting Oakland much higher than their current rank).

On the bubble: 
16. Dolphins, 15. Buccaneers, 14. Lions
13. Redskins, 12. Raiders, 11. Texans

The Top 10:

10. Arizona Cardinals
Rank Entering Playoffs: 11th
Did not make playoffs.

9. New York Giants
Rank Entering Playoffs: 8th
Lost Wild Card to Packers.

8. Denver Broncos
Rank Entering Playoffs: 10th
Did not make playoffs.

7. Seattle Seahawks
Rank Entering Playoffs: 7th
Won Wild Card over Lions.
Lost Divisional Round to Falcons

6. Kansas City Chiefs
Rank Entering Playoffs: 5th
Wild Card bye week.
Lost Divisional Round to Steelers.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers
Rank Entering Playoffs: 4th
Won Wild Card over Dolphins.
Won Divisional Round over Chiefs.
Lost Conference Championship to Patriots.

4. Green Bay Packers
Rank Entering Playoffs: 6th
Won Wild Card over Giants.
Won Divisional Round over Cowboys.
Lost Conference Championship to Falcons.

3. Dallas Cowboys
Rank Entering Playoffs: 2nd
Wild Card bye week.
Lost Divisional Round to Packers.

2. Atlanta Falcons
Rank Entering Playoffs: 3rd
Wild Card bye week.
Won Divisional Round over Seahawks.
Won Conference Championship over Packers.
Lost SuperBowl to Patriots.

1. New England Patriots
Rank Entering Playoffs: 1st
Wild Card bye week.
Won Divisional Round over Texans.
Won Conference Championship over Steelers.
Won SuperBowl over Falcons.

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